How it works.

1. Clean out.

The first step to the Styled. process is to start fresh.

We will work through your existing wardrobe and decide what should be kept, tossed, or altered. You never know which old thing we may be able to utilize and make great again! This process is one that many people have trouble doing on their own because it can be a bit overwhelming. I make it simple by working efficiently and decisively.

2. Shop.

Next, we need to find your new wardrobe.

During the clean out, we will create a list of which items you need to round out your wardrobe. I’ll shop for these pieces and bring them back to you to try in the comfort of your home. I do my very best to find what we’re looking for in local stores, but sometimes take the search online to make sure we get the items you need!

3. Get Styled.

The final and most fun step to the Styled. process!

This is where I show you how to dress for your shape! Learn which styles look best on you and which ones to stay away from. I will show you how to incorporate your new purchases with the items you already own to create an effortless, every day look!

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