Michelle Judice

Have you ever felt so great in an outfit that you couldn’t help but smile when you saw yourself in the mirror? Remember how amazing it felt to receive compliments all night long? I think you should feel that way every day. When we wear clothing that flatters our unique shape and makes us feel good, we are naturally more confident.

As a Wardrobe Stylist I want to help you look, and more importantly feel, your best every day. Understanding your body and which shapes compliment it can be difficult, but it is something I have studied for many years.

I worked as a Technical Designer in New York helping to create well fitted + constructed garments for contemporary designers like Theory, as well as larger companies like Ralph Lauren. Before moving to New York, I graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from LSU where I learned about individual style and timeless fashion. With this experience, I am able to help my clients find the perfect look for their body, lifestyle and budget. I became a Wardrobe Stylist to combine my knowledge of fashion + fit with my passion for helping others. It is extremely rewarding to see men and women of all ages evolve throughout this process + find their confidence again!

My ultimate goal is to eliminate the stress that comes with getting dressed or walking into your closet. Once I teach you what works – and why – you will never hesitate while getting dressed again. Let’s refine your wardrobe so you can reclaim your confidence!

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